September 19, 2021

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February 20, 2020

Article about cryptographic checksums extended:
Signing and Encrypting E-mails and Eiles with OpenPGP

May 05, 2020, in the Anglosphere ( Google-Top-10 for “Practical Application of Cryptographic Checksums”, search terms: cryptographic checksum (“About 384.000 results [...]”),
“cryptographic checksum” (“About 34.000 results [...]”)

May 01, 2019: Cryptographic Checksums

“Practical Application of Cryptographic Checksums”

March 12, 2018: Overview Article on Free Typesetting Systems

“Free Typesetting Software for the Professional Document Preparation” – Writing Sci­en­tif­ic Literature, Word Processing, Creation of Books, graphic Desktop-Publishing, Web-PDF-Documents, and E-Book-Typesetting. (German version: “Freie Schrift­satz­pro­gram­me für die professionelle Dokumentenerstellung”).

March 27, 2017: Descriptions on Dictionaries

The WP-article “German Language” refers in the “External Links” to the overview-article “Free online and offline Dictionaries for the Study of Ger­man”.

(And: Added detailed solutions to the first 27 text problems of “A first book in Algebra”, a school text book for algebra beginners.)

January 02, 2017: Publications at the Internet Archive

Atlas for Higher Educational Institutions, Edition B

This information-map collection presents you facts on the German Reich. It bases on an original atlas of 1913. All documents were scanned with 300 dpi, thus they are also suited for the prepress preparation. All reproductions are copyright-free and can be used 100 % royalty-free, for commercial as well as for non-commercial purposes.

GEI digital also offers this text book (title page, complete PDF file top right), the resolution there is 100 dpi.

Documents of the German Reich (English section of Dokumente-​des-​Deutschen-​ offers a detailed presentation site on the atlas.

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RSS icon on the RSS news ticker RSS-news ticker on Dokumente-​des-​Deutschen-​ (English section).

Dissemination of the German Language

This map shows beautifully, why our national anthem states: “[...] Von der Maas bis an die Memel, Von der Etsch bis an den Belt [...]” resp. in English “[...] From the Meuse to the Memel, From the Adige to the Belt [...]”. This simply is the ancestral Heimat of our people.

Information in the map “Ver­brei­tung der deut­schen Spra­che”, at the bottom on the right: according to Be­ha­gel, Berg­haus, Bren­ner, Lang­hans and others. (“nach Be­ha­gel, Berg­haus, Bren­ner, Lang­hans und an­de­ren”).

Behaghel probably refers to the Germanist Otto Behaghel (English WP-Artikel, German article of the University of Gießen).

Berghaus maybe could refer to one of these three personalities: Johann Peter Berg­haus (cartographer, illustrator, lithographer), Heinrich Berg­haus (cartographer), his neph­ew Hermann Berghaus, or Heinrich Karl Berghaus.

A Germanist named Oskar Brenner researched and taught at the University of Würz­burg (Deutsche Biographie, Würzburgwiki-Eintrag).

Langhans is the surname of a German geographer and cartographer, Paul Langhans.

“Lith. Druck u. Verlag v. Piloty & Loehle, München.“: Lithograpic Print and Pub­lish­ing/Publisher by/from Piloty & Loehle, Munich.”.

January 01, 2017: Modern Operating Systems for Old Computers

Free Software strengthens the the Independence of the individual and the nation. Its per­ma­nent free avail­a­bil­i­ty and its adapt­a­bil­i­ty sup­port the broad education and can turn an old com­put­er in­to an effective production system. Learn more about the essential aspects.

March 27, 2017: The WP-article „Lightweight Linux distribution“ lists this article in its „Ex­ter­nal links“-section.

June 27, 2016: Basic Mathematics

Proof of the Irrationality of the Square Root of 2“, extended with exercises with solutions, 12 resp. 15 pages.

English versions: A4, A4-dup­lex, US-Let­ter, US-Let­ter-dup­lex.

German versions: A4, A4-dup­lex, US-Let­ter, US-Let­ter-dup­lex.

28. May 2011: Our Roses (allotment)

Unsere Rosen im Sommer 2011

Our roses, three images (880 times 660), 700 times 660.

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